Distance Learning Program 

Al-Azhar University, in cooperation with World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates (WAAG), introduces the Distance-Learning Program in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences for international students to award (license in Islamic sciences) through Distance Learning in Arabic language. The educational material is presented to learners through the Internet with aim to allow and facilitate Al-Azhar Curricula in the specialization area of Islamic sciences to all Muslims around the world specifically those whose conditions may not allow them come to Egypt to attend study regularly. Going beyond time and space, we aim to promote the Islamic moderate values and Islamic religious disciplines according to Al-Azhar approach noted for his rightful moderation.    

First: Program Distinguished Features  

Distance learning program of Faculty of Islamic Science – Al-Azhar University, is noted for the following marks distinguishing it from other programs:

  1. Al-Azhar University’s long history and universal credibility in areas of Islamic sciences; it is rightly known as the oldest of the world universities. 
  2. The certificate awarded is “the License in Islamic Sciences” from Al-Azhar University
  3. Professionally prepared educational curricula by some of the elites of Al-Azhar scholars and academia   
  4. Educational contents are prepared in line with most up-to-date educational styles and program technology
  5. Availability of varieties of contents, written, audio, visual and interactive distinguishably segmented by experts of educational design of distance learning     
  6. Easy access to professor in virtual classroom systems and e-discussions
  7. Technical support is provided 24 hours a day 
  8. Providing a notable teaching staff to help students about any difficulty they may encounter 

Second: Admission Requirements

An applicant to the license degree in Islamic sciences must satisfy the following requirements: 

  1. Holding Al-Azhar Secondary Education Certificate or its equivalent certificate or the Egyptian General Secondary Certificate or its equivalent certificate   
  2. Being a good Muslim of noble reputation 
  3. Proficiency of Arabic Language

Third: Study System 

The study at the faculty adopts the accredited-hours system wherein the academic year has three semesters as follows;  

First Semester: Lasts for 15 weeks beginning with the 2nd Saturday of November 

Second Semester: Lasts for 15 weeks beginning with the 2nd Saturday of March

Summer Semester: Lasts for 6 weeks beginning with the 2nd Saturday of July

Fourth: Education Tuition

Education tuitions required are 80 U.S. dollars per curriculum and the annual total of education fees is 1500 U.S. dollars (one thousand five hundred U.S. dollars), which may be repaid by two installments, equally divided. E-payment of tuition is also available.   

A student may register at least for (5) curricula per semester 

Fifth: Application and Registration

Applications are processed, around the clock, through Al-Azhar website: www.azharegypt.edu.eg.

Phases of Application to the Program     

First: Electronic Registration; a student fills a form of application and submits it to the website and then a new page appears to confirm the authenticity of his/her information.     

Second: E-mail verification process;after submitting your application, an immediate notification will be sent to your email with your own username and password  

Third: Uploading Documents;a student who did not send his/her educational documents upon filling the application form, should send them to the following email: reg.office@azharegypt.net

Fourth: Application Review; your application will be reviewed within two weeks after which a detailed list of necessary requirements for registration process will be sent to your emails.    

Fifth: Application Admission Follow-up; during the period of accreditation, you may follow up you application through the internet using your username and password.  

Sixth: Sending of documents and payment of tuitions; documents required should be sent by Express Mail Service (EMS).

Seventh: Curricula Registration; to actually become involved, a student should have his/her educational curricula registered by request of registration of the subjects to be studied in the first semester of his/her course of education in the university.   

Correspondences and Contacts 

You can contact us through the following means

Post Mail: World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates (WAAG), Al-Azhar University, Nasr City, Postal Code: 11884 – Cairo – Arab Republic of Egypt  

Email:  reg.office@azharegypt.net